Friday, January 13 2011

Another incinerator is being considered by the Government at Hartlebury following the County Council's fight against local protests, but are the facts really understood? asks Mike Nattrass the local UKIP MEP.

Mike said: “This is an enormously expensive project for ratepayers, costing in the region of one billion pounds by the time the H.P has been paid off, yet there is already an oversupply of these monsters and not enough rubbish to burn, that is why seven out of 18 were cancelled last year.

“The Ratepayers (Council) will have to import extra rubbish to meet the operative's strict contractual requirements, in a market where rubbish is in short supply.

“These incinerators are made in Spain and given the hard sell. At the public enquiry it was implied the Council may sue anyone who makes suggestions of impropriety, but will these Councillors be personally responsible for their financial white elephant or will it be the ratepayer?

“Worcester Hospital costs went out of control by about 10 times because of P.F.I. borrowing, do we learn nothing?

“However, the local cavalry have suddenly come over the hill to expose themselves! Yes, protected Great Crested Newts!

“These normally shy little planning blighters live by hundreds on this site, leading Mike Nattrass MEP to ask "Are White Elephants frightened of Great Crested Newts? They can join me in the local pub any time,” he added.