MEP backs new crusade for Bomber Command monument

Wednesday, September 29 2010

UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass, whose father served as an RAF World War Two Lancaster pilot, is calling on the nation to support a major campaign for the bravery of Bomber Command to be honoured.

The West Midlands MEP is urging people to support a 2 million drive for a monument to be erected in London to pay tribute to the courage of the servicemen of Bomber Command.

More than 55,000 aircrew from Bomber Command were killed in WWII but despite these heavy losses no fitting memorial has been installed in Britain to pay tribute to their heroism and the sacrifice they made for King and country.

Yesterday (September 28), the Daily Express launched its own ‘crusade’ urging the people to back efforts by the Bomber Command Memorial Appeal to raise almost 2 million by the end of October to ensure a monument is built and unveiled in London next year.

Earlier this month, UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass voiced his anger over a German bid to scrap a memorial in Britain to Bomber Command and said he was dismayed to hear that the Bild newspaper was heavily involved in the campaign opposing the monument.

This week, Mr Nattrass said the Daily Express should be applauded for backing the fundraising effort for the monument.

Mr Nattrass said: “It is a national embarrassment that there is no fitting tribute to Bomber Command.

“I welcome the launch of the new Daily Express campaign to ensure this monument becomes a reality.

“Time is fast running out and I urge people to go online make a donation to the Bomber Command Memorial Appeal,” he added.

To make a donation to the appeal log on to