How does "AIP" differ from other Anti EU Parties

Saturday, February 15 2014

Dear Editor

We are standing in every English Region and have our TV broadcast agreed.



The purpose of AIP MEPs is to further expose the corrupt and useless EU and sever its hold over our UK Government.

Without critics in the EU Chamber the true nature of what is happening there will not be told. That is why we stand up for our Country.

You are correct in that representation at Westminster or A NEW UNDERSTANDING AT WESTMINSTER is the way forward. But first MPs must understand what has happened because of their failure to monitor, let alone restrict, EU influence and take responsibility to get us out.

As for our campaign and policy statements, as Chris says, there is no reason why the Referendum approach should not be used on major domestic issues (even HS2) but our status in the EU is a fraud as we were told it was "only about trade" and our Constitution was raped when Sovereignty was taken from us without the will of the people.

It is my view that no "Referendum" is necessary to get us out of the EU ...just the votes of MPs standing up and doing their duty (Nelson style!) by voting in Westminster to leave. The Treaties signed which appear to try to bind subsequent Governments are simply illegal under our Constitution.

At this stage a fundamental change in the composition of the Commons and Lords is a bridge too far, due to the massive primary task of shifting the EU off our backs. However you are correct in that we must modernise our Government, as it is obviously not fit for purpose.

Although I am not dogmatic on any subject except "We must get out of the EU" I hope this gives an indication of how I see the way forward, subject to the democratic agreement of our party.

We now have to prepare the battlefield by waving papers and cheques at returning Officers.

This is not about AIP taking power at Westminster, it is about showing MPs that if they fail to follow the will of the people, in respect of the EU, they will not have a job.

Best wishes.



Better off out

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Dear Candidates,

Having had our meetings can we agree please on the policy differences between AIP and UKIP as it is the first question Reporters will ask.

These need ratification by all Candidates and this is why we have had meetings.


This is intended as an explanation of our differences and not a detailed policy in respect of each issue ... i.e. designed to answer reporters, not to impress a lawyer.

1. We are a democratic Party, unlike UKIP who under their Constitution have placed all power into the hands of the Leader. Even allowing him to adjust the votes of the members in the UKIP selection processes.

AIP will make democratic policy statements agreed by its executive and members and will not allow any leader (or one person) to make "policy on the hoof" as currently exists in UKIP.

UKIP has recently rubbished its own well established policies and double crossed its members without any consultation.

Many UKIP members have spent years working for the Independence objective and establishing policy documents.

AIP will not fail its members by any unilateral decree or changes of objectives without Conference or Committee agreement.

2. We believe that under the UK Constitution an elected government can take the UK out of the EU without any referendum.

We would form a coalition with any credible party after an election to gain this objective.

Sovereignty and the ability to Govern our own Nation are objectives for which many have died over many generations and nothing can take away our own self determination which is enshrined in our Constitution.

Our registered slogan "INDEPENDENCE NOW" is designed to underline that fact.

Farage thinks we must follow article 50 of Lisbon Treaty which gives EU three years to ..

A Decide if we can leave ..

B Impose conditions without consulting the UK.

(How did we sign that!)

3. AIP will to abolish Assembly Members and substitute MPs .. on "Regional Days."

This Leaves English MPs in Westminster to discuss English issues on those days. thus solving the "Midlothian question."

In addition Wales to have a Referendum to decide if they wish to continue as a split from England on these days. (the last referendum was almost a draw and on a small turnout.)

A vote to rejoin England would close the Assembly. (and turn it into a real theatre?)

UKIP believe that Assemblies should remain. I am not clear about any "English Parliament" proposals which they may or may not have.

4. AIP believe in stronger Commonwealth links and will focus aid (where aid is needed) in that direction, as well as trade and friendship. For example: Aid to be aimed at the poor and not at the sky via subsidised rockets.

In this respect the allocation of aid and the overseeing of the expenditure will be the responsibility of a closely watched Government Minister! To ensure that the cash reaches the intended target (and not the moon.)

THOSE ARE 4 main differences and the consultation process is on should you wish to add issues.

Obviously we have a Transport Policy etc etc and some are on the web site.

I am asking you about the BASIC DIFFERENCES in principles and not the policy detail.


Please use email at present as I am out of Europe!


AIP look forward to receiving input from all members