The ROAD out of EUROPE

Saturday, February 8 2014

Dear EU,

Flooding in the UK

The attached picture shows the final straw on the road out of Europe.

Thanks for messing with our regulations.
Thanks for cocking up our basic infrastructure.
Thanks for your open borders invasion which has increased our housing problem, over crowded our roads, wrecked our hospitals and decreased job prospects, whilst lowering the working man's wage and confusing our school teachers.
Thanks for taking 55 million of our UK money per day and then wanting 10 billion over 5 years to support the Eurozone failure, a project we do not want.

Although you are confused and incapable of running a winkle stall, we know you are nice people. We now need to leave your confused EU whilst cooperating in trade and close friendship.

We will get back to running our own Country, dredging our own rivers without your approval, reinstating our own energy policy and trading with the world without excessive regulation.

Our Constitution does not allow politicians to give our sovereignty away and there is nothing to stop us from leaving NOW.

On 22 May we are voting for AN INDEPENDENCE PARTY.

Have a nice day.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Nattrass MEP

0121 333 7737