What is the point of the Point, if EU block it?

Wednesday, February 05 2014

The Point of Hinckley Point or ....
The point of having a Government who only sit there and point ?

What is the point in having a British Government, when it no longer has the power to decide which industries it wishes to subsidise through state aid?

People must get to the point and realise that it is time to leave the EU and to run our own Country.

Lord Stoddard, who consistently asks good questions about sovereignty, comments following a Government response to him that “This announcement from Commission Vice-President Alumnia appears to be a prelude to the European Commission refusing to allow the Government to provide state aid for the construction of a nuclear power plant at Hinckley Point, undermining a project that is so vital to our energy supply.

“The unelected European Commission may well be going to over-rule our elected Government and effectively stop the development of our nuclear programme in its tracks, as investor confidence melts away. All of which leads to another fundamental question: what is the point in voting, when the people you elect are so utterly powerless?”

If only there were more from the Left like Lord Stoddard.