Metric Compulsion and the EU

Monday, March 24 2014

This aspect of unnecessary compulsion from the EU is why I originally started my quest for Independence from the EU.

As a Chartered Surveyor I have always defended Imperial Measure. The EU insisted we changed to metric measure in the 1980s and I became actively Euro sceptic, a rebel.

The then Nattrass Giles (Chartered Surveyors in Birmingham, Nottingham, Tamworth and Leamington Spa) defied the EU's instructions by continuing to quote areas only Square Feet on our details for Industrial and Commercial property lettings and sales.

Most of us in the UK prefer Feet, Yards, Pints etc etc and long may this remain so.

Our UK tradition has never banned metric measure, because we embrace "Freedom to choose" but now the EU Jack Boots are on the intolerant feet of the EU Commissioners. So will we be good and do as we are told?

Sorry not me!



(Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)