We have been asked to describe how AIP policy differs from UKIP

This is difficult, as at the present time Mr Farage has publicly "rubbished" all UKIP policy and stated that the existing policies "no longer apply."

So the main difference at present is AIP have policies and UKIP do not!

However for AIP policy differences compared with the old UKIP policies .......

  1. We are a democratic Party, unlike UKIP who under their Constitution have placed all power into the hands of the Leader and for example allowed him to adjust the so called "democratic" votes of the members in UKIP postal selection processes.

    Presumably policy is also in the hands of the leader, as he has stated that existing policy no longer applies.

    AIP will make democratic policy statements agreed by its executive and members and will not allow the leader to make "policy on the hoof" as currently exists in UKIP.

    UKIP, having rubbished its own policies and double crossed its members, many of whom have spent years working on policies for the Independence objective. UKIP has therefore failed its members.

  2. We believe that under the UK Constitution an elected government can take UK out without any referendum. UK INDEPENDENCE NOW is our slogan.

    There is more explanation of this subject on this web site.

    However Mr Farage thinks we must follow article 50 of Lisbon Treaty which gives EU three years to ..Decide if we can leave and Impose conditions without consulting the UK.
    (How did we sign that!)

  3. AIP will to abolish Assembly Members and substitute MPs .. on "Regional Days."

    This Leaves English MPs in Westminster to discuss English issues on those days.
    In addition Wales to have a Referendum to decide if they wish to continue as a split from England on these days. (the last referendum was almost a draw and on a small turnout.)
    A vote to rejoin England would close the Assembly. (and turn it into a theatre?)

  4. AIP believe in stronger Commonwealth links and will focus aid, as well as trade.

    A Government Minister to be held personally responsible for the audit and scrutiny of aid is essential. For example: Aid to be aimed at the poor and not at the sky via subsidised rockets.

  5. AIP will scrap VAT (an EU tax) and provide a fair purchase tax system.

    This will reduce fraud but also reduce time spent on VAT administration at every level.

  6. AIP believe in Swiss style public referendums. For example on HS2 on Capital punishment and on other subjects of public concern.

  7. AIP would stop the HS2 rail project as it is unfit for purpose. The cost which will exceed 100 billion and is not justified by any business case. An upgrade of the existing network is necessary.

    Old UKIP policy actually backs HS2 although the UKIP members do not!

  8. AIP believe the NHS should be state funded and run correctly.

    UKIP say that privatisation is necessary in the NHS.

  9. AIP believe in the modernisation of Westminster processes, which for example have been shown to be inadequate in stopping the deluge of EU regulations.

    UKIP are silent.

  10. AIP respect members views.

    AIP will not ban members for 100 years for telling the truth. Unlike UKIP

    Unlike UKIP AIP will not interfere with the freedom of Councillors to express their individual views unless they are encouraging the public to break UK law.

    When embarrassed our reply will be "Although this is not AIP policy and we disassociate ourselves with this statement, we believe elected Councillors in a free society are entitled to their individual views"


    We do not need to be in an EU group and if it means having to compromise on our views, or ask racists to join to make up the numbers (as UKIP have) why should we?

    UKIP have an EU group who disgrace the UKIP members.

Finally, when UKIP actually have policies we may discover the differences.