The Fourth Railway Package


This Fourth Railway Package removes choice and dictates how to run a railway.

Currently member states choose to directly award public service contracts or organise competitive tenders.

This is yet another EU one size fits all imposition inflicted on the UK. Stopping any government from even considering alternatives to the current failed UK privatised model on railways.

So this EU package imposes ....

  1. 1. A dramatic cost escalation due to fragmentation,
  2. 2. Tax increases due to to private train company subsidies.
  3. 3. Passengers facing the highest rail fares in Europe,
  4. 4. Minimal investment because profits are given to shareholders, instead of reinvesting.

Directly Operated Railways on the East Coast Main Line prove publicly owned and operated railways deliver increased performance with much lower subsidy than private operators.

UK Governments must have freedom to implement alternative models in line with the interests of passengers and taxpayers.

The UK Government must run its own affairs. Without EU interference in UK Sovereignty.

All the UK really needs is AN INDEPENDENCE.

(ALLOCATED TIME for this speech was 90 seconds.)


STRASBOURG 25th February 2014.