HS2 decision branded a multi-billion pound blunder

Tuesday, January 10 2012

West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass states the Government has made a multi-billion pound blunder after giving the go-ahead for a high speed rail line between Birmingham and London.

Mr Nattrass, who has been a long time vocal opponent of the project and is a member of the EU’s Transport and Tourism Committee, commented: “This decision shows the Government is out of touch with the views of the of people who have expressed strong and sensible opposition to this hugely expensive vanity project.

“Many local authorities across the West Midlands are formally opposed to HS2 and they are correct.

“This is not about bringing travellers out of London, as the report pretends, but is only about commuting to London and supplying the capital with an extra airport.

“So HS2 will not just destroy our countryside but will see Birmingham turned into a London commuter city and its airport into the 4th London airport.

“Vital skills will be lost from our region to London on this new line. This is about government compliancy with the European Union’s TEN-T policy of which this HS2 scheme forms part and local people are therefore irrelevant.

“I will continue to be a vocal opponent of HS2 and unlike the Government I will stand up for value for money and the interests of the West Midlands region,” he added.