EU attempts to rule the waves should be sunk

Thursday, October 21 2010

“The nation that gave birth to Drake, Cook, and Nelson, might know a thing or two about the sea,” says Mike Nattrass MEP.

The European Union, however, wants to take over how we manage our nautical affairs with its ‘Integrated Maritime Policy’.

At present, 95% of Europe’s exports are taken away by sea, and 40 per cent of the population lives in coastal areas, and so the way in which we manage our shipping is absolutely vital.

Mr Nattrass, a member of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee, however, doubts that Brussels is up to the job.

“They talk about drawing on best practices from the Common Fisheries Policy but the CFP is an absolute disaster,” said the UKIP MEP.

“Fish stocks are being depleted by illegal fishing, dead fish are thrown back into the sea because skippers are not allowed to land them, and fishermen are being laid off as the industry sinks into oblivion.

“Now they want to tell us how to manage our shipping - thanks, but no thanks!"

The Meissner Report “Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) - Evaluation of progress made and new challenges” is being debated by the European Parliament in Strasbourg this week, and the parliament will decide if it will continue to support the concept.