MEP welcomes IoD stance on HS2

Tuesday, August 27 2013

West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass has welcomed calls by the Institute of Directors (IoD) for a multi-billion ‘folly’ project to be abandoned.

UKIP Transport Spokesman Mike Nattrass commented today: “The IoD quite rightly describe the HS2 project as ‘one grand folly’ but at least a folly can be decorative. This rail line would destroy the countryside and whole communities and its cost continues to escalate at high speed.

“You don’t need Detective Columbo or Sherlock Holmes to see that there is a concrete case against HS2 and that the whole EU-driven venture should be dropped.”

Mr Nattrass continued: “The IoD is just the latest voice to speak out against the rail line.

“In June a report by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) stated the need for money to be spent on regional rail enhancements to connections between towns and cities in the Midlands and the North of the country rather than on developing an ‘energy intensive, ecologically damaging new link’.

“A new survey of IoD members found that just 27 per cent believe HS2 represents good value for money and 70 per cent think the scheme will have no impact on their business’ productivity.

“UKIP is the only political Party that has said from day one that it is totally opposed to HS2.

“When is this coalition Government and the Labour Party finally going to accept that HS2 is a fatally flawed folly?”