EU tractor vibrations rules – “furrowing Yorkshire farmers’ brows” says MEP

Monday, August 19 2013

UKIP Transport Spokesman Mike Nattrass says Yorkshire farmers will furrow their brows over EU regulations to limit tractor vibration.

UKIP West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass says the EU is again attempting to plough ahead with yet more shaky regulations – this time governing the level of vibrations experienced by farmers while driving their tractors.

The Whole Body Vibration limits are set to be introduced next year but concerns have been raised that the move could have massive implications including making it impossible for farmers to plough their fields.

UKIP Transport Spokesman Mike Nattrass, the man currently selected to stand for UKIP in Skipton and Ripon in the forthcoming 2015 General Election, commented: “In my RICS training days I qualified on the rural side and these regulations would have been classified as 'a trailer full of FYM' in Yorkshire, instead we need to spread the truth.

“As time goes by it becomes increasingly obvious that those making the EU rules have no practical experience of life in general nor the issue at hand.

“It needs more Yorkshire folk, on these EU committees, to bluntly point at the truth", he added.