Monday, February 17 2014

Mike Nattrass MEP says the current floods are much worse due to EU directives and that the expensive EU Land Fill Tax should not apply to dredged silt.

The disposal of silt dredged from rivers by local landowners has been made complex and expensive by EU regulations. It has become attractive to take the easy option of the ‘financial incentives’ given to ‘conservation schemes’ rather than do the real job.

Traditionally flooding allowed silt deposits to help crop growth but this is now "Out of control" due to EU interference according to Mike Nattrass MEP.

Nutrient rich loam has been allowed to build up in rivers. If removed this must be "treated" under EU regulations before being spread on the land. Mike Nattrass asks "why" and the answer appears to be that the EU consider loam to be "toxic waste."

The abandonment of dredging amounts to designer flooding, not just in the Somerset levels, but also in the Severn and Thames where dredging has been neglected for years.

Mike Nattrass MEP of An INDEPENDENCE PARTY says it is time we left the toxic EU and managed our own affairs.