Patriotic pensioner battles Brussels to remain a Brit

Friday, March 30 2012

A patriotic pensioner from Walsall came under the spotlight in Brussels when his letter to MEP Mike Nattrass, calling for advice on how to renounce EU citizenship, was read out in the European Parliament.

Alan Sheath Eighty-three-year-old Alan Sheath will go into the EU record books after his letter, which stated his rejection of “imposed European citizenship,” was read out by UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass during a mini plenary session held in Brussels on Thursday (March 29).

Mr Sheath, who lives in Portland Road, Aldridge with his 83-year-old wife Dorothy, says he is determined to fight Brussels bureaucrats all the way and has enlisted the help of Mr Nattrass to seek ways in which to reject so-called EU citizenship and defend his “birthright” of being a UK citizen.

In his speech to the Parliament on Thursday Mr Nattrass said: “(Mr President. You will be aware that) many in the UK object to imposed EU citizenship and they don’t want it. They love Europe but hate the EU because it is dictatorial and undemocratic.

“The following letter to me from constituent Alan Sheath illustrates this point.

“Dear Mr Nattrass. On 7th February 1992 Prime Minister John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty. Unbeknown to myself, and the vast majority of British subjects, every person in the UK including Her Majesty the Queen, became a European citizen by ratification.

“I, nor 60 million other British subjects, were consulted or asked to vote. I do not want this (EU) citizenship so please advise me what measures there are in place for me to renounce it. I remain content with my British birthright.”

Commenting this week, Mr Sheath said: “I am not an EU citizen I am a citizen of the United Kingdom and as a Scot I take a very dim view of what the EU is doing to us.

“We were lied to when we were originally told that we were joining a common market and that is was all about trade. The truth is the EU is about political control.

“Thanks to the EU we have seen post office closures and as a pensioner to be taxed 20 per cent of our income is appalling. The Government wants to impose a Pasty Tax when so much money is going to the EU.

“Mike’s speech was excellent and I admired his direct approach. At no time was I consulted about EU citizenship. I am proud to be a citizen of the United Kingdom.”

Commenting this week, Mr Nattrass, said: “I receive many letters from constituents who, like Mr Sheath, are proud to be citizens of the United Kingdom and object to imposed EU citizenship.

“I will campaign on behalf of Mr Sheath and the many others who want to remain UK citizens and not have their national identity stolen from them by the European Union.”