EU Laws hold Britain back

To: The Solihull Times

If part 1 had you asking why I show venom towards the EU, understand that this parliament in 35 years has created more UK laws than Westminster has made since 1485 and the battle of Bosworth Field. It holds Britain back from trading with the world, including Europe, and restricts innovation. I love Europe, its peoples and its diversity. EU harmonisation damages the individuality of its people.

Brussels 2004 confirmed a rewrite of history was being made. The President said “WW1 was a Civil War”.

I shouted into my microphone “No one told my two grandfathers, they were in it.” I yelled “What were the Americans, the Indians, the Australians…” and I was switched off. In disbelief we heard that there were “No Germans in WW2”… they were “Nazis!” That night I realised conscripted Germans were insulted, many were not Nazis.

February in Strasbourg confirmed referendum failure, I left the voting chamber still dressed in my yellow “Too chicken for a referendum” shirt.

After an interview with ITV they said “We had better get this away before it is confiscated”. “What!” I said, they replied “Yes they do not allow people to talk like that if they can stop it.”

That day Shirin Wheeler of the BBC had been told that she “could not video UKIP in the chamber” as “you cannot video dissent”. She replied: “Either we video it all or nothing, which do you want?”

Good for Shirin and thank goodness for the Solihull Times.