Yes, no, maybe, it all seems Irish to me!

To: The Solihull Times

The Irish said ‘NO’, EU president said it means ‘YES’ and Cons celebrated. But Con. MEPs put their group allowances into the ‘YES’ campaign while only UKIP put their allowances into ‘NO’. The Country who profited most from EU funding said ‘NO’ yet the British are gagged with no vote. But it’s all Irish to me!

Robert Mugabe stated that if he is rejected by the electorate he will govern by military rule. President of the European Commission, Manuel Barroso, stated that the Lisbon Treaty will continue despite the democratic Irish rejection. What’s the difference? One is an unelected dictator and the other from a country in Africa.....and it’s all Irish to me!

I was first to sign the campaign against bullfighting, knowing these beasts will support me in the EU china shop later. I spoke against UK road signs being stripped of miles and imperial measurements. Meanwhile my Transport Commissioner Mr Barrot (French), who had a 6 month suspended sentence for embezzlement, was promoted to “Commissioner for Justice and Freedom”… But reading between the signs it is all metric EU embezzled Irish bull to me!

An MEP stated to the President that he didn’t like the way the day’s votes were going, so would he ignore them? Another said his machine was at fault and would only vote in favour, another “Transparency is not as obstacle to confidentiality!” I am one eighth Irish (31st EU language) and while it may be translated into Latvian (et al) it is now 100 per cent Irish to me!

FOOTNOTE (not metricated)

May I propose an MEPs Conference on a Liner in the Caribbean where all MEPs can discuss their lavish expenses lifestyle over 1906 Bushmills, caviar and fireworks? Only Irish can vote!