Free movement of labour

As an MEP I can see that 'Free movement of labour' is a fundamental principle of the European Union. This 'EU open door' policy means millions of EU citizens can work here.

We cannot do anything to stem the flow because this is EU law and EU law overrides UK law.

Unscrupulous employers take advantage of EU cheap labour while trade unions accept free migration because they have enthusiastically and foolishly signed up to the 'European project'.

Despite this invasion, Gordon Brown's right-hand man Peter Mandelson (still paid by the EU) says this is fair because British people have the EU right to work on the Continent. He thinks we should give up our homes and families to find work abroad but whilst the EU learn and speak English as the common language we do not speak Italian, Lithuanian, Greek etc etc.?

Job Centre Sign

Is this where British workers are destined, thanks to EU labour laws?

Gordon Brown promised 'British jobs for British workers'. But no matter what our politicians tell us, the only way to safeguard British jobs for British workers is for the UK to leave the European Union.

Our rights as Britons cannot be secured unless and until we free Britain from the shackles of the EU. This is the line UKIP have taken for many years and only now people are understanding what EU membership means.