What's the matador?

To: The Solihull Times and Sutton Coldfield News

Last week a Birmingham MP called for a restriction on immigration from the EU due to lack of jobs, recession etc. Whether you agree or not, it shows MPs do not read EU treaties before approving! Having accepted that EU Citizens from the other 26 EU states have similar access to the UK as people from Yorkshire, the UK Government can now only control population by leaving the EU. Lib/Lab/Con MPs should read their passports and realise they are EU Citizens. To ease overcrowding in the UK I suggest all MPs should live in Latvia, making good use of their own idea. Before you know it they will have signed your Country away ... oh sorry they already did that!


Back in the Westminster Madhouse MP Bob Spink succeeded in his campaign to allow GB symbols on number plates as an alternative to the EU ring of stars. This small victory means you are not forced to drive around spreading EU propaganda or making other people see stars.

Following my article exposing the EU budget it was passed despite the consistent UKIP "no" vote. There were amendments which I supported to stop the 97m euro subsidy to bullfighting (a meat subsidy) and the 305m euro subsidy for EU grown tobacco but to no avail. So if your new next-door neighbour is an EU tobacco smoking matador with EU rings of stars on his car then, enjoy, thank the EU or encourage him to live in Latvia!