"Roll away the Stone.

Mr. President,

The influx of workers into the UK must be controlled by the UK Government. A simple matter of Sovereignty.

Already Britain has a housing shortage, hospitals and schools are not coping with an ever growing immigrant population. Britain must protect its own citizens who have paid their taxes and built the country.

The massive influx of immigrants produces an oversupply, adding to the unemployment problem, reducing job availability and reducing pay for working people. Yet here we are facing yet more rules.

These rules take control away from UK authorities making management of the infrastructure impossible.

Britain has not discriminated against foreign workers and those willing to integrate with the existing population have been accepted, but now ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

You say the Free Movement of workers is a fundamental freedom of EU Citizens. A corner stone of the internal market.

I say a fundamental right of the UK is to roll away the stone and gain AN INDEPENDENCE FROM EUROPE.


Sadly, a great British Trade Unionist and defender of working people died today, Bob Crow. I wish the left would embrace his views in this debate.


STRASBOURG 11th March 2014.