A fixed and irrevocable date

Wednesday 30th January 2008

"Madam President,

I note the phrase - 'A fixed and irrevocable date….’

One thing EU designer Jean Monnet hated about democracy was that nothing is fixed or irrevocable. No democratic government can bind its successor with the irrevocable.

There is a democratic deficit in the EU because the ever-closer union was designed as irrevocable. No openings for democracy - the people may only vote to support what the EU Úlite want – it’s a one way street.

The French and Dutch people voted against this irrevocable union. Ignoring them and reintroducing the same failed Constitution proves my point.

You are failing to learn from history. The Soviet Union went, Hitler's 'Tausendjahr reich' lasted 12 years. The backlash you are creating by denying the people a referendum will bring this intolerant EU empire down, as sure as day follows night.