It pays to ignore EU Regulations.

11am Thursday 16th Dec 2010

This matter is not just about hens and unsuitable cages it's about the ability of the EU to oversee the single market.

States were given 10 years to comply by 1st January 2012 or the product would be illegal.

The Germans, Scandinavians, Dutch, British and others complied but certain large producers have simply refused.

This involves massive capital costs and to comply means borrowing money. The regulation has put about 15 pence on a dozen eggs.

Those bandits who did not comply might be given more time and rewarded with a clear price advantage. Eggs from illegal cages will undercut those who obeyed the EU.

One producer borrowed 10 million pounds to comply with this directive. He did the right thing ... is the Commission going to renege and make his eggs uncompetitive?

If more time is given, then the moral of this story is ...if the EU makes a directive it pays to ignore it.

ENDS ... because only 1 minute allowed.